COVID-19 Data and Reports

Data are a critical tool for understanding how COVID-19 is impacting our community. The data presented on this page provide a summary of what is currently known about confirmed COVID-19 cases in Onondaga County. The sections below include a current snapshot of new cases and cases to date as well as demographic data for confirmed COVID-19 cases in Onondaga County and Syracuse. Also see the Onondaga County COVID-19 GIS Dashboard for a breakdown of active and recovered cases by town.

New Cases Confirmed Cases to Date Active Cases Recovered to Date Hospital/ Community Deaths to Date Nursing Home Deaths to Date*
23 2,152 906 1,110 82 59
Percent of New Cases
Associated with a Senior Facility
Percent of New Cases who were Close Contacts to Confirmed Case
30.4% 13%
Currently Hospitalized Currently in Critical Condition Discharged Today Total Hospitalizations to Date
71 13 5 407

Data above updated daily, last update 6-2-20.
*Nursing home deaths reported by NYSDOH through 5-31-20; includes confirmed and presumed deaths.

The data above provide a current snapshot of confirmed Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases in Onondaga County. Both active and recovered cases have tested positive for COVID-19. Active cases represent individuals who are either in home isolation, being monitored by the Health Department, residing in a nursing home, or under the care of a hospital. Recovered cases represent individuals who have recovered from the infection and are no longer in isolation. Those individuals are still encouraged to follow social distancing practices. Cases affiliated with a senior facility include cases among residents and/or staff of a nursing home, assisted living facility, or senior apartment complex. Close Contacts to a Confirmed Case are defined as individuals identified during contact tracing as having been in close contact to a confirmed case. After identification as a close contact, these individuals were placed in quarantine.

Hospitalization Trends for COVID-19 Cases-Onondaga County
The data presented below show COVID-19 hospitalizations over time for residents of Onondaga County.
Updated daily, last update 6-2-20

Demographics of COVID-19 Positive Cases-Onondaga County
Below are demographic data for confirmed Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases to date among residents of Onondaga County (updated weekly, last update 6-2-20).

DATA SOURCE: All data presented above are from the Onondaga County Health Department. Please note data are provisional and represent data available at the time of report.