Monitoring the Key Aspects of the Epidemic

New York State is closely monitoring the COVID-19 epidemic across data sources related to testing, hospitalization, fatalities, vaccination, and a variety of other topics. The dashboards, reports, and data sources contained at the links below are provided and maintained by New York State and summarize key information on these topics. Onondaga County Health Department will continue to closely monitor positive test results, hospitalizations, and deaths to stay up to date on current trends relating to COVID-19 within our community.

For weekly updates for the United States, see here. While CDC’s reporting frequency and source data for some metrics have shifted due to the end of the federal COVID-19 PHE declaration, valuable data will continue to be provided to inform individual and community actions to protect those at highest risk of severe COVID-19. 

The Onondaga County COVID-19 Data Archive contains visuals for several indicators that were previously reported by the Onondaga County Health Department including annual summaries for 2020 through 2022.


Most Current Testing, Cases, and Variants for Onondaga County and New York State (including Historical Data)


Hospitalizations and Fatalities


Vaccine Data


Long Term Care Facilities