COVID-19 Data and Reports

Data are a critical tool for understanding how COVID-19 is impacting our community. The data presented on this page provide a summary of what is currently known about confirmed COVID-19 cases in Onondaga County. The sections below include a current snapshot of new cases and cases to date as well as demographic data for confirmed COVID-19 cases in Onondaga County and Syracuse. Also, see the Onondaga County GIS maps for a breakdown of active and recovered cases by municipality/town and by ZIP code within the city of Syracuse.

New Cases Confirmed Cases to Date Active Cases Recovered to Date
34 2,894 329 2,382
Deaths to Date
Nursing Home
Deaths to Date*
  Test Results Reported
(prior day)
108 80   1,924
*Nursing home deaths reported by NYSDOH through 7-6-20; includes confirmed and presumed deaths.    
Presumed Transmission Route: New Cases
Number Percent
14 41.2%
   Household Contact 3 8.8%
   Travel-Acquired 0 0.0%
   Congregate Setting: Senior Facility 15 44.1%
   Congregate Setting: Other 0 0.0%
   Unknown 2 5.9%
Total 34 100%
Data above updated daily, last update 7-8-20

The data above provide a current snapshot of confirmed Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases in Onondaga County. Both active and recovered cases have tested positive for COVID-19. Active cases represent individuals who are either in home isolation, being monitored by the Health Department, residing in a nursing home, or under the care of a hospital. Recovered cases represent individuals who have recovered from the infection and are no longer in isolation. Those individuals are still encouraged to follow social distancing practices. Cases affiliated with a senior facility include cases among residents and/or staff of a nursing home, assisted living facility, or senior apartment complex. Close Contacts to a Confirmed Case are defined as individuals identified during contact tracing as having been in close contact to a confirmed case. After identification as a close contact, these individuals were placed in quarantine.

Hospitalization Data for COVID-19 Cases—Onondaga County
The data presented below provide an overview of COVID-19 hospitalizations among residents of Onondaga County. This section includes current hospitalization data, trends over time, and a breakdown of hospitalizations by race. Please note, Total Hospitalizations to Date refers to the number of hospitalizations occurring to date, and does not indicate the number of cases who have been hospitalized. Some cases have been re-hospitalized and count more than once.

Currently Hospitalized Currently in Critical Condition Discharged Today Total Hospitalizations to Date
49 3 6 548
Updated daily, last update 7-8-20

Updated daily, last update 7-8-20

Updated weekly, last update 7-7-20.

Mortality Data for COVID-19 Cases—Onondaga County
The data presented below provide a breakdown of COVID-19 deaths by race for residents of Onondaga County. The graph represents deaths occurring in hospitals or within the community. Deaths occurring at nursing homes have been excluded.

Data above updated weekly, last update 7-7-20.

Demographics of COVID-19 Cases—Onondaga County
Below are demographic data for confirmed COVID-19 cases to date among residents of Onondaga County (updated weekly, last update 7-7-20).

Demographics of COVID-19 Cases—Syracuse

Below are demographic data for confirmed COVID-19 cases to date among residents of Syracuse. Please note the Onondaga County data presented in the section above are inclusive of Syracuse residents (updated weekly, last update 7-7-20).

DATA SOURCE: All data presented above are from the Onondaga County Health Department. Please note data are provisional and represent data available at the time of report.